Breakfast Menu

  • Breakfast In The Yard 159

    *Recommended for two
    2 egg for choice, together with 2 addings: Herbs/onion/israeli cheese.
    2 veggies from the veggie shop.
    Onion cream cheese, salted cheese, homemade spreads, jam, mini borekas, mini bagel, Rustic bread.
    Salad for choice - Vegetable / leaf and 4 beverages

  • Vegan Breakfast In The Yard 159

    *Recommended for two
    2 omelette for choice: vegan tapioca omelette with herbs/ scrambled tofu with mushroom/garbanzo bean omelette.
    2 veggies from the veggie shop.
    Vegan egg salad, vegan cashew cheese, homemade spreads, “odem” vegan cheese, jam, mini bagel and rustic bread.
    Salad for choice - Vegetable/leaf and 4 beverages

  • Single Breakfast
  • Nueba Breakfast 55

    herb omelet served with a finely chopped Israeli salad with grated feta, meluchia (Zaatar bread),
    2 stuffed grape leaves, grilled eggplant slices, and labneh with olive oil.
    *Vegan option available, served with a mushroom and tofu scramble instead of eggs.
    *vegan option available, served with omelet from tapioca flour.

  • Salmon Breakfast 64

    open faced American bagel with cream cheese, smoked salmon,avocado and fried egg.
    Served with a Spinach stir-fried in butter and feta

  • Tripoli Breakfast 52

    2 crispy pastries, 1 filled with sabich, and 1 with a soft-boiled egg, goat cheese, and bok choy.
    Served with yogurt, tahini-arisa and spicy tomato salad.

  • Keep calm and eat shakshuka

    Served with hallah bread, tahini and pickled veggies.
    *will let switch to rustic bread

  • EZIDOR’s Shakshuka 55

    2 fresh eggs, cooked roma tomatoes, peppers, onions, and house made spices.
    What to add to your shakshuka?
    can add up to 2 additions: eggplant, feta, goat cheese, green hot pepper.

  • Nir’s Shakshuka 55

    2 vegan corn polenta cooked with tomatoes, peppers, onions and homemade spices
    *will let switch to rustic bread.
    What to add to your shakshuka?
    can add up to 2 additions: eggplant, green hot pepper.


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